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Accessing user defined fields in an Outlook message

If you have a reference to an outlook mailitem and wish to access the user defined fields within that message then all you need to do is use

Dim olmail as Outlook.Mailitem
Set olmail = 'whatever method you use to get the mailitem in question
Msgbox olmail.userproperties.item("fieldname")

This method will allow you get all the values out of a custom form so you could strip them into a database.

If you do not know what fields are in the form then the following bit of code allows you to loop through all user defined fields

Dim olmail As Outlook.MailItem
Dim fld As Outlook.UserProperty
For Each fld In olmail.UserProperties
       msgbox "Field Name : " & & vbcrlf & "Field Value : " & fld.value
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