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Letting users have maths symbols in criteria for queries

You have a query in which you want to prompt users for a criteria, but you would like the users to be able to type >Deidre  , <Deidre , =Deidre.  The sql below shows how to do this. Create a table called tbl_events and then create one text field called Event , and put some names in it. Paste the SQL below into a new query then have a look in design grid and you will see how it's done.

SELECT tbl_Events.Event
FROM tbl_Events
WHERE (((Left([Prompt],1))=">") AND
((tbl_Events.Event)>Right([Prompt],Len([prompt])-1))) OR
(((Left([Prompt],1))="<") AND
((tbl_Events.Event)<Right([Prompt],Len([prompt])-1))) OR
(((Left([Prompt],1))="=") AND ((tbl_Events.Event) Like
Right([Prompt],Len([prompt])-1))) OR (((Right([Prompt],1)) Like "*") AND
((tbl_Events.Event) Like Left([Prompt],Len([prompt])-1) & "*"));
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