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Importing Formmail CGI into Access

Using the FormMail CGI script to get user input from a web site? Wouldn't it be nice if you could get the info from those mails automatically into a database. The database below contains one form. It will create the tables it needs on the fly. First of all click the import button to import all of your inbox emails. Then select one of them that is in the FormMail format and click the Import Individual Record button. This will create a table that will store your data in the form and then import the information. 

Obviously this is a partially manual procedure but it would not be difficult to go through the inbox looking for a particular subject line and process all those records.

This database is set up for Outlook 97. To use it in Outlook 98 or 2000 open the database and create a new module click tools references on the menu, and deselect the missing outlook reference, and scroll down the list of references until you find the Microsoft Outlook XX reference for the version installed on your system. Select that reference and click OK.


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