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Pictures on Forms

A very common request is to display a picture in a database form. Unfortunately Access tends to bloat the database if you try and store images within it, also what happens if you want to get the image back out or edit it. Time for an image box which you control.

Go into design mode for the relevant form. Choose the picture box object and create a picture box on the form. Link it to any picture you can find for the time being. Save the form and go into the properties of the image box. Delete the picture path name. It will ask you if you want to delete the background picture choose yes. Change the picture type to linked and the size mode to zoom. Change it's name to imgEmpty. Save the form again.

Now how to fill the box with an image. You have two options here. 

1. Have a button list box combo box on the form and set the picture from a choice. Create the list box combo box or button and for it's click event place the following code

Me.imgEmpty.picture = "c:\path to picture\" & listboxname.value

2. Refresh the picture for each record based on a value in a field. (Personnel Information, Subscription Information, Identity cards). Go into the forms properties and on the event tab choose the On Current event and click the build icon. In the code window type the following. In this example our images are stored in the c:\temp directory and the MemberPicture is the name of the field that holds the individual picture name.

Me.imgEmpty.picture = "c:\temp\" & Me.MemberPicture.value

This event will kick off when the form opens and whenever someone moves to a new record. 

The picture box supports many different formats, including bmp,gif,wmf.jpg,cdr and more.

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