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The trouble with assigning values to objects

The third in an occasional series of rants by Chris Shepherd

For my third column Id like to take a look at the simple act of assigning a value to a field using VBA. Ahhh, simple stuff I here you say.
So we want to change the value in a text box from command button. Simple we just write some code like this:

Private Sub Command13_Click()
   Me.FirstName.Text = "Test"
End Sub

The Trouble with Access is that when you run this code you get the Oh so useful and user friendly message:

Which is the access way of saying "I know we said we use Visual Basic but at this point wed really like to do our own thing". Someone please explain why do I have to move to a control to change it ?

Luckily the solution to this (thanks to John Hawkins) is quite simple:

Private Sub Command13_Click()
   Me.FirstName.Value = "Test"
End Sub

An easy fix I know but helpful none the less.

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